For A-1 it is an area of expertise. We equip ourselves for about any type of need when it comes to waxed flooring and take pride in our environmentally efficient system. We routinely maintain many floors and have all necessary equipment for all your floor maintenance needs.

    • All waxed floors stripped of all old layers of wax and dirt, down to the flooring surface, corners scrubbed and scraped as needed, stains and build-up removed as able


    • Once dry, high quality wax applied to the floor. Machine Scrub and Re-Waxing


    • Floor scrubber used to remove top layer of wax for a deep cleaning, removing some worn-out wax and dirt-embedded wax.


    • Entire floor wet mopped and then dried


    • 1-3 coats of wax applied, to maintain floor appearance


    • Deep cleaning and Burnishing


    • Floor deep-scrubbed with an automatic scrubber and mopped thoroughly.